As a young boy Ferenc Erdok (1988) already enjoyed drawing cartoons and video game characters. In high school those were supplemented by his own fantasy characters and made-up stories inspired by mythology. During his studies at the Klassieke Academie in Groningen, the Netherlands, he developed an interest in model painting.

Now he returns to these themes by painting scenes from video games and he gives them his own interpretation by adjusting certain stylistic elements. He also replaces the main character by a nude model, which he uses to create a contrast between a graphic fantasy world and the real world. It's a depiction of the full immersion that someone could experience by playing video games, while maintaining the visual contrast between the two different worlds.

With his paintings he also refers to classic themes in a humorous way. He portrays his models as a modern variety of mythological, religious or folkloric icons by placing them in a video game setting. These modern video game icons are recognized worldwide and inspire people from all generations, so that their status could be compared to the classic ones from times long gone.

Ferenc likes to paint with a saturated and colorful palette, prefers to work on large canvasses and has a graphic style. He hopes to make the viewer happy, fascinated and surprised when they look at his painted worlds. At the same time, he wants to bring a little humor into this world.

Besides his large-scale videogame-themed project, Ferenc also works on fine paintings, still lifes and portraits.